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Contingency Search​

Contingency recruitment is a common practice within the Financial Technology sector. This approach is heavily utilized in the industry due to the flexibility it offers and risk aversion that it represents.

Historically, ISC’s clients exercise this service when there are two identifiable characteristics:

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Time Sensitivity

Every company has experienced the unfortunate instance of unexpectedly losing a key employee.

ISC has been successful in reducing the impact of this void by taking an “all hands-on deck” approach as it relates to your time sensitive requirement.

service 2

Hard to Find / Subject Matter Experts

Seeking individuals with very specific subject matter expertise is where ISC shines the brightest.

Having access to a vast network of industry insiders allows us to leverage our relationships within the FinTech space.

Our knowledge of this sector enables us to know where to look. This can sometimes be a challenge for more agnostic oriented recruitment firms.


Resource Allocated Search ( RAS )

RAS is a proprietary search methodology developed by ISC. We created this new approach because we felt there needed to be a more efficient and cost-effective way to recruiting.