what we do

Resource Allocated Search (RAS)​​

RAS is a proprietary talent acquisition service developed by ISC.

We created this new approach because we felt there needed to be a more efficient and cost-effective way to recruiting. RAS offers our client’s improvements in quality and efficiency by changing variable costs which can fluctuate, to a transparent, scalable and fixed expenditure.

What is it?

ISC’s vision to deconstruct all known search approaches and select the best elements that each methodology represents is how we developed our Resource Allocated Search (RAS) Service.

RAS is broken down into individual Search Slots.

One slot representing an active search which is perpetually (re)utilized throughout the course of a contract.

As each position is filled you replenish that slot with a new search for us to work on at no additional cost.

Advantages to RAS


Cost Effective

We enable you to quantifiably measure value based on the dramatic drop of your overall Cost Per Hire (CPH).

How do we measure value? It’s quite straighforward, we compare the yearly cost of RAS to what you would have theoretically paid for those placements under a 20% contingency agreement.

The fundamental truth about RAS is that you save with every hire because your cost remains fixed. Simply speaking…. The more you hire, the greater the value.


Risk Reduction

RAS is based on a cost reduction through shared risk approach.

Outsourcing all or some of your recruitment functions allows you to pass the cost risk to us.

No longer do you have to worry if your employee leaves after the fruition of a contingency guarantee period.



RAS offers you the flexibility to scale your searches based on your individual hiring needs.

This service gives you the ability to add and reduce search slots as needed during the course of a contract.

If an unforeseen event occurs where you need additional staff you can simply add search slots during that period and remove them once your requirements have been met.


Contingency Search

Contingency recruitment is a common practice within the Financial Technology space. This approach is heavily utilized in the industry due to the flexibility it offers and risk aversion that it represents.