who we are

Leverage our experience for your benefit.

We have lived and breathed FinTech since our inception in 2001. Our strength stems from a deep understanding of the industry and an inherent need to stay abreast of new and ever evolving technology.

Our value proposition



Our ethos can be encapsulated by Steve Jobs famous quote… “The most precious resource we all have is time.”

Working with an organization that has a clear understanding of your specific vertical allows for a more efficient process with effective results.

We refuse to waste your precious time by inundating you with high quantities of candidates in hopes that “one sticks”.

ISC’s approach will always be Quality over Quantity.



The Financial Technology sector has experienced immense changes over the last two decades. What was once cutting edge in the mid 2000’s may in fact be perceived as a dinosaur today.

We believe it’s our responsibility as industry experts to continuously learn and stay abreast of this high paced and ever evolving landscape.

Our knowledge is key in understanding our client’s needs. Having a firm comprehension of client requirements enables us to identify, target and attract the right people for the right jobs.



We at ISC feel it’s our obligation to maintain a high level of ethical business practices when working with our clients and candidates.

Transparency has clear implications to the success of a competent and streamlined hiring process.

Our commitment to this credo is why companies and candidates have trusted in our services for nearly 20 years.



It’s often difficult to quantifiably measure value when it comes to talent acquisition.

Granted, there are some revenue driven positions that are easier to calculate value; but how do you measure non-revenue generating position like Developers? It’s not as if you can measure lines of code vs talent acquisition fees.

ISC has developed a proprietary service which enables you to quantifiably measure success.

our tools

Advanced technology

Gone are the days where a company is required to manage their talent pool via emails and Excel. ISC leverages the most advance SaaS solutions for your benefit.

Our applications allow you to analytically measure your processes; giving you the ability to streamline your methodology and implement best practices.

Additionally, we offer easily accessible client portals to manager your workflow. This is quite beneficial for our smaller clients that have yet to implement a standardized applicant tracking systems.